Top 10 Industries That Benefit from Aerial Lift Equipment Rentals

Aerial equipment is used extensively in the construction business for moving workers to places that are difficult to access. Members of crews can be moved vertically and horizontally when needed during work projects. These lifts enable contractors and property owners to plan, coordinate, and complete specific construction tasks according to schedule.

This sophisticated equipment makes it possible to perform building and maintenance work on large, tall structures efficiently and cost-effectively. By renting aerial lifts, companies can avoid the high costs of purchasing and maintaining them.

General Applications Performed Using Aerial Lifts

To complete construction work on upper levels of high buildings, aerial (or boom) lifts are used. These lifts can elevate and position skilled workers, even at building tops or cramped corner areas. During the early structural work on buildings, aerial lifts are essential equipment for placing and securing steel beams and supports.

Major roofing jobs are also completed using boom lifts. They are necessary for installing rigs and pipelines in the oil industry. In the media industry, aerial lifts are used to position and secure lighting fixtures at heights of as much as 210 feet.

This lifting equipment is also important for the installation and repair of cabling and towers by power and energy companies. Power cleaning of all types of structures is also accomplished with the use of the latest designs in aerial lifts. Aerial lifts also offer excellent maneuverability for accessing small or tight lofty work areas.

Industries That Depend on the Use of Aerial Lifts

Major industry sectors that rely on regular use of aerial lifts to complete projects include the following:

1. Construction / Building Maintenance

In the construction industry, aerial lifts are in high demand for performing building, installation, repair, and maintenance procedures. These expertly designed lifts keep crew members safe at lofty heights, enabling them to complete work effectively according to schedule. By renting this essential equipment, construction company leaders can avoid the high costs of purchasing and maintaining quality lifts.

2. Safety Inspections

Having access to high-lifting machinery for performing safety inspections of tall building exteriors, roofing, and vaulted ceilings is essential. Owners and management of large commercial buildings and apartment or condo complexes must comply with government regulations for safety. Certified building inspectors must use boom lifts to perform building inspections.

3. Window Washing/Repair

For window washing and repair work, building owners of all types rely on aerial lift rentals. Structures of moderate to tall height all require regular window cleaning as part of ongoing maintenance procedures. Only with the aid of high-lifting mechanisms can owners and operators of high-rise commercial and residential buildings ensure good window care. Observation tower operators at airports and marinas also have windows cleaned with the aid of these lifts.

4. Electrical Line Repair

Power companies rely on aerial lifting equipment for making repairs to electrical lines. Since repairs for these busy communications cables are needed frequently and often unexpectedly, these rentals are essential. When repair work on utility poles is needed, having access to top-quality, reliable lifts is also of major importance. Renting boom lifts from highly respected providers supports optimal-quality utility services.

5. Entertainment / Sporting Event Work

In the entertainment and sporting events industry, planning officials must ensure the safe and secure installation and dismantling of setups. Both outdoor and indoor events, such as large sports area games, concerts, and festivals, need these services. Owners and managers of sports stadiums, concert halls, theaters, and auditoriums rely on aerial lift rentals to prepare for these events and perform tear-downs afterward.

6. Filming and Photography

Members of the film and photography industries depend on boom lift rentals for capturing beautiful, daring, and exciting shots and footage. They use aerial lifts that come equipped with mounts for cameras to achieve their goals. These lofty platforms make it possible for them to film and photograph amazing views that are otherwise inaccessible. Lift rentals also enable them to install lighting equipment prior to camera work.

7. Tree Care / Orchards

For excellent landscaping and lawn or orchard tree maintenance, aerial lift rentals are necessary. These services require professionals to work at many different heights pruning and trimming tree branches and treating damaged trunks. Even tall shrubbery care can require boom lifts for safe trimming and shaping. The safety of lift use helps greatly in reducing injuries that can occur when climbing tall ladders or leaning out from windows and balconies.

8. Warehousing

For warehousing and logistics companies, having access to aerial lift rentals is essential for managing inventories and product shipments. It also helps ensure employee safety when they need to reach items on high shelves or access products on stack pallets. Current models of these lifts also facilitate the access of narrow warehouse aisles by workers.

9. Roller Coaster Repair and Maintenance

Amusement parks and fairgrounds depend on renting aerial lifts to install, repair, and maintain roller coasters and other types of rides. Even the roofs of carousels and refreshment stands require frequent care to provide quality entertainment services. Due to the safety regulations for operating roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other high-reaching entertainment equipment, strict safety conditions must be maintained.

10. Painting

The painting of many different types of buildings and facilities requires using aerial lift rentals. Professional painting companies use rented lifts to scrape, sand, and paint the exteriors of tall commercial and residential buildings. Even single-family homes with three, four, and five floors may require using boom lifts for quality painting work. The interiors of hotels, performance centers, and houses with vaulted ceilings often require the use of high-reaching lifts to ensure top-caliber paint jobs.


Aerial lift rentals are essential for many companies throughout all industry sectors today. The owners of any tall commercial or residential buildings need these safe, reliable lifts for cleaning, repairing, and maintenance procedures. The availability of lift rentals is a great benefit to these property owners. They can avoid the high costs of purchasing and maintaining aerial lifts while enjoying access to these safe, contemporary lift designs.

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